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“Brilliant Sanity, Inherent Health, Innate Goodness” – 3 online seminars with Maura Sills


During these three Seminars we will explore the territory of Brilliant Sanity, Inherent Health, Innate Goodness. This will be explored both through talks and experiential practice.
This rests on the basic principles that we are inherently well, non separate and that embodied awareness as presence leads to healing and wholeness. 

Dharmic territories of Spaciousness, Clarity and Compassion relating to the Three Kayas or realms of manifestation can help attune and orient the Practitioner. These can be described as including the Empathetic Holding fields of Being and those of the Universal Holding field.

Seminar One

The Field of Spaciousness which is not disturbed by inner or relational weather.
The Field of Clarity that has the quality of awareness that is experienced in Emptiness. 
There is the possibility of Direct Perception without filtering through expectations, thoughts and perception.   The Field of Compassion, the genuine heart of sadness.

Seminar Two

The establishment of the Field of Safety and orienting to the well-being of oneself and other. 
Attuning to the three Kayas:
– Nirmanakaya, the body of emanation and how we perceive our inner and outer worlds and weather, Reactivity; 
– Sambhogakaya, the nature and energy of Nirmanakaya the subtle and subliminal, Responsiveness;
– Dharmakaya, the body of inherent truth and realisation, Resonance.

Seminar Three

The Inner Practices of the Practitioner.   
How we continue to offer Safety, Spaciousness, Clarity and Compassion. 
Exploring Sacred Pausing, Co- emergent arising and Deep Listening.
Resourcing at all levels. 
Considering the four basic relational fields. Relationship to Self, Relationship to Earth, Relationship to other, Relationship to Spiritual.   

Date and time

The seminars will be held on Zoom on the following Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which corresponds to 10 am to 12 CET:
– September 16th;
– November 4th;
December 16th 2023.


Dana (free offering) for the teachings and the translation + annual membership card (25 euros).

The payment has to be done through bank transfer to:                 
Associazione Sati Mudita           
Iban IT83 E030 6909 6061 0000 0128 339   
Bic BCITITMM               
Causal: Surname and Name of the participant –  online seminars with Maura Sills

Or through the following paypal account:


Maura Sills is the Founder of Core Process Psychotherapy which offers an innovative psycho-spiritual approach to therapy. The Karuna Institute integrates western psychotherapeutic models with Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices. Drawing on over 30 years of experience, Core Process Psychotherapy offers a depth understanding of what helps and hinders healing insight and transformation.

Maura is an Honorary Fellow of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and Director of Training at the Karuna Institute which offers Master Degree Programmes in Buddhist Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy along with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Retreat.


For further information and enrollments, please fill the form below or write to:


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