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The seven gestures and inner practices of Kum Nye: an embodied Path of awakening with Gráinne Delaney

Kum Nye relaxation is a practice of slow gentle and mindful movements which relieves tension patterns in the mind body while building our resiliency and helping us to become more resourced, balanced and healthy, increasing our enjoyment and appreciation of life. In Kum Nye practices we attune to our senses and felt experience within the body. By softening our thinking analytical mind to cultivating our more receptive mind of preception and feeling, our experiences become richer, healthier and more interconnected as we begin to live more through our heart and felt experience. As we become more deeply connected through the practice we grow in heartful self awareness, which extends beyond the self to relate with a more attuned awareness to others, nature and the world around us.

In this course within the kum nye movement we will be exploring and deepening our relationship with the foundational gestures and the inner practices.

This course is intended to suit those new to kum nye and for those with an established kum nye practice it is an opportunity to deepen your practice. Practicing together creates a wider interconnected field for us to rest in, be held and supported within and nurture our hearts within a community kum nye practitioners.

Dates and cost

It will be held on Zoom on the following Tuesdays from 6.30 to 7.45 pm GMT, which corresponds to 7.30 to 8.45 pm CET:

October 24

November 21

January 23

February 20

March 19

April 23

May 21

The cost of the path is 90 euros (+ annual membership card to the organization 25 euros).

 The payment has to be done through bank transfer to:        
Associazione Sati Mudita      
Iban IT83 E030 6909 6061 0000 0128 339   
Bic BCITITMM        
Causal: Surname and Name of the participant – 7 gestures of Kum Nye with Grainne

Or through the following paypal account:

Gráinne Delaney is a tutor at Karuna Dartmoor (formally Karuna Institute) where she teaches on the two year kum nye training and kum nye in person and on line retreats. She is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist (bcst) and is a tutor for Body College where she teaches on the two year practitioner training. And also teaches post graduate bcst with Elmfield Institute. 

Gráinne has been a practitioner of meditation since 1997 and a somatic based therapist since 2003. She is passionate about embodied practices and modalities to safely heal the impact of old wounded patterns, overwheleming and stressful life experiences. To reconnect with the wisdom and health of our body as a way home to heart is such a gift to share and it gives Gráinne great joy to offer these modalities to others so we can fully express who we truly are free of the patterns that obscure our relational connection with self, other and the natural world around us, bringing us back to an embodied knowingness of interconnected life and living.

For further information and enrollments, please fill the form below or write to:

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