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Re-visioning with heart: a contemplative approach to clinical practice with Anne Overzee

Drawing on Buddhist contemplative supervision models, Anne Overzee will offer a series of online sessions to support those working one-to-one with clients in psychotherapy/the psychological therapies. Her emphasis is to create a context in which the therapeutic relationship can be re-visioned within a co-created field of heart.

The sessions will include small group work in break-out rooms and collective reflection on clinical themes.

All accredited/qualified practitioners are welcome.

It is recommended to come to the first session if you are interested in going forward.



Date and venue:

Friday November 15 2024

Friday January 24 2025

Friday March 28 2025

Friday May 23 2025

Friday September 26 2025

Friday November 21 2025

Online 11:00-13:00 (CET)

Participation fee

125 euros + membership fee, for registrations by October 15th, first meeting open and free, 145 euros starting from October 16th; to be paid by bank transfer to:

Associazione Sati Mudita – Iban IT83 E030 6909 6061 0000 0128 339 – Bic BCITITMM – Reason: Name and surname – Anne Overzee Re-visioning

Or through the following paypal account:

Anne Overzee

(M.A. (Cantab.), Ph.D.; E.A.P. reg. psychotherapist)

Anne’s work over the years has been on the interface between spiritual practice and psychotherapy. She has always been interested in how contemplative practice can help transform our experience of daily life, of being in relationship, and of deepening our capacity to live in the moment and with greater open heartedness. After years working in the field of psychotherapy (‘mindfulness in relationship’), her main focus now is in working with others keen to explore ways of living as a committed contemplative actively engaged in the world. Following her first degree at Cambridge University in Theology and Religious Studies, Anne’s subsequent research in eastern spiritual practices was in India where she lived between 1975-77. She subsequently studied for her doctorate in Religious Studies (The Body Divine: Cambridge University Press, 1986) while completing her training to become a Psychotherapist, and her work with clients, supervisees and training groups as a staff member of Karuna Institute, U.K. spanned the following 40 years. Her psychospiritual approach comes from Core Process Psychotherapy, which was then a completely innovative approach integrating Buddhist awareness practices and psychology with western psychotherapy.  She has been practising Buddhism since the 1970’s when she went to Dharmasala, the seat of H.H. Dalai Lama.

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